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Tioga County, Pennsylvania is located in the northeastern part of the state immediately south of the New York State border. It is sandwiched between Bradford County to the east and Potter County to the west. As of year-end 2011, the county had 254 producing Marcellus shale wells. A March, 2012 report indicated that 693 Marcellus wells had been drilled in the county since 2007. It is unknown why (according to the above) so few of the total number drilled actually appear to be producing, unless many of the wells have never been completed and connected to gathering lines.

According to a June, 2009 report, three gas exploration and production companies, Chesapeake Energy, East Resources, and Fortuna Energy were expected to have more than 100 drilling permits in Tioga County by the end of 2009. Permits are issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

A June, 2009 report indicated that Fortuna had 8 producing wells in the county and permits for 49 additional ones. One Fortuna location mentioned was Bloss and Ward townships both located roughly 40 miles north of Williamsport, PA.

According to a February, 2010 news account 255,000 acres were leased for natural gas wells in Tioga County.

Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna Counties, located on an axis between Williamsport, PA and Elmira, NY, run alongside New York's southern border. They are considered to be in one of the sweet spots in the Marcellus shale due to high levels of accumulation of organic matter in the shale as well as the formation's thickness in this area.

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