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In October, 2008 Texas Eastern Transmission, LP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectra Energy held an open season for its Texas Eastern Appalachia to Market (TEAM) expansion program. It consisted of an expansion of the existing Texas Eastern Pipeline, commonly known as the “TETCO Pipeline,” that cuts across Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Map of Spectra Energy's TEAM Expansion ProgramCompliments of -Spectra Energy
Map of Spectra Energy's TEAM Expansion Program
Compliments of -Spectra Energy

The proposed pipeline targeted 300 million cubic feet per day of natural gas and was planned to be in service in the 2011 - 2012 timeframe. It was to be 100% owned by Spectra.

According to a June, 2009 report, Spectra had received 35 requests from gas producers in the Marcellus shale fairway in southwestern and central Pennsylvania for pipeline interconnections to TEAM's pipeline laterals. TEAM also was to interconnect with various storage projects and other interstate gas pipelines in the Appalachian area.

In July, 2009 Spectra announced the opening of a Pittsburg office to support its Appalachian capital development program including the TEAM project. It was to be located in Foster Plaza 5 on Holiday Drive.

In November, 2009 it was announced that Range Resources was to be anchor tenant on the TEAM pipeline expansion and would take 150 Mmcf/d of its capacity.

  • Bob Riga is General Manager of Northeast Marketing for Texas Eastern Transmission, LP.
  • Sean Foley is a spokesman for the company.
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