New York Department of Environmental Conservation

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New York Department of Environmental Conservation, or DEC for short, is a State agency charged with the responsibility of regulating natural gas drilling. As of July, 2010 it has a generic environmental impact statement on oil and gas drilling as well as a draft supplement pending specifically related to Marcellus shale drilling in New York.

  • Pete Grannis is DEC Commissioner.
  • Stuart Gruskin is DEC's Executive Deputy Commissioner.
  • Paul D’Amato is a Regional Director.
  • Bradley Field is Director of the Division of Mineral Resources (DMR).
  • Kathleen Sanford is Assistant Director of the DMR.
  • Jack K. Dahl is Director of the Bureau of Oil and Gas Regulation.
  • Brian Baker is Section Chief for the Bureau of Water Permits.
  • Liz Gordon is special counsel with the DEC.
  • Yancey Roy is a DEC spokesperson.
  • Lori Severiano is also one.
  • Lt. Peter Barton is one too.
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