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Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, the home of the City of Scranton, is located in the northeastern portion of the state. It is bordered by Susquehanna Co. in the north and Wayne Co. to the east.

As of June, 2010 only one Marcellus shale well had been drilled in the county, but more than 38,000 acres, that is, more than an eighth of the county's land had been leased out to gas companies for drilling. Almost all of the leases were held by three companies:

816 leases were recorded during 2008.

By 2010, land in 20 out of the county's 40 municipalities had been leased with most of the leases concentrated in Abington, Benton, Greenfield and Scott Townships. Examples included:

  • Land of the Eckel, Manning, Pallman, and Roba farms.
  • In So. Abington the Baptist Bible College - 114 acres of its campus; The Abington Hill Cemetery Association along the Morgan Highway - 120 acres, and 38 acres of residential land between the 900 and 1000 blocks of Fairview Road.
  • The Fleetville Volunteer Fire Company - 65 acres in Benton.
  • 7.3 acres by The Greenfield Township Sewer Authority.
  • Associations for both Chapman and Newton Lakes.
  • Parker Hill in Scott - 59 acres.

Chesapeake Energy has a major presence in Benton Township with over 250 leases recorded in that area according to a June, 2010 report. 61 leases had been added in June, 2010 alone, and it appeared that seismic testing was about to begin.

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