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An October, 2008 report noted that ElexCo Land Services Inc. has recorded 199 leases with the Bradford County, Pennsylvania Registrar of Deeds during 2008. Only Chesapeake Appalachia LLC and Chief Oil and Gas have recorded more.

During September, 2009 a report appeared about about a pending appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the Kilmer vs. ElexCo case. A Susquehanna County judge had ruled that ElexCo, et. al. had not been liable when the plaintiff, Kilmer, charged that defendants had failed to pay him the full 12.5 percent royalty required by Pennsylvania law. The defendants, ElexCo, et. al. argued that the lease allowed the company to deduct certain costs and expenses first before paying the royalty including assessments, taxes, and transportation. The plaintiff had appealed the lower court ruling to the Supreme Court. The report noted that the case was being closely watched by other oil and gas companies in the state who might have similar kinds of legal exposure.

Laurence M. Kelly represented the plaintiff, Herbert Kilmer and his family in the case, while David Fine of Harrisburg, PA had been the attorney for defendants, ElexCo Land Services Inc. and Southwestern Energy Production Co..

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