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San Antonio, Texas-based Pioneer Drilling Company is a full service contract driller and provider of staff, equipment and support to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. It owns a fleet of 71 drilling rigs, but does not invest in any oil and gas property itself. Approximately 25 of these rigs were in use in the middle of 2009.

According to an August, 2009 operational update from the company, it had one rig under hire to drill in the Marcellus shale. It was in the process of trucking in a second rig to the prospective area. The report mentioned that it takes about 17 truck loads in total to move one of these rigs from Texas up to Appalachia.

Both of these, the one already drilling the Marcellus, and the one being moved in from Texas, were 1,000 horsepower-pump rigs with top drives that can easily be moved around a well pad. These have a small footprint. Pioneer owns a number of electric double rigs that had been positioned for Barnett shale drilling. The update stated that these could easily be outfitted with top drives and winterized for use in Marcellus drilling. The company plans to move more rigs into the Marcellus as demand picks up.

A November, 2009 update found Pioneer with three drilling rigs in operation drilling Marcellus wells and expanding its wireline operations.

  • Wm. Stacy Locke is Pioneer Drilling's President and CEO.
  • Joe Eustace is the President of Pioneer's Production Services Division.
  • Lorne E. Phillips is Executive Vice President and CFO.
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