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Old GloryPhoto courtesy of Penneco Oil Company
Old Glory
Photo courtesy of Penneco Oil Company

Penneco Oil Company, incorporated in 1979 and based in Delmont, Pennsylvania is an oil and gas corporation engaged in ongoing leasing, marketing, exploration, and drilling operations for natural gas and crude oil. Penneco's goal is to profitably find and produce oil and natural gas in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. Penneco Pipeline Corporation supports these activities with leasing of reserves and natural gas infrastructure services. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Penneco works to provide landowner satisfaction and ensure every well site is restored properly. Penneco Oil Company and the various affiliated Penneco Drilling Associates programs have drilled over 1,000 wells. For more information about Penneco, visit our Landowner Center and Investor Center. To interact with Penneco Oil, follow us on Facebook and Flickr.

According to a November, 2012 press release, Penneco Oil and Drilling Associates improved drilling techniques in conjunction with the oil and gas industry to utilize multi-well pads to drill horizontal wells in close proximity to each other, reducing the environmental impact.

  • Terry S. Jacobs is President and CEO of Penneco Oil Company.
  • Ben Wallace is the company's COO.
  • Christopher Fiano is Penneco's Vice President and CFO.
  • John R. Hazi is a Senior Land Agent with Penneco.
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